What is Nuoren Voiman Liitto?

Founded in 1921, Nuoren Voiman Liitto is the oldest literature based non profit organization in Finland. Its activities can be divided in three main sections:
1. supporting of creative writing,
2. publishing Nuori Voima –literary magazine and
3.organizing literary events such us annual Runokuu (Poetry Moon) –festival and several prose and poetry readings all year round.

NVL serves children, youngsters and adults alike. It also works in connection with international organizations to promote young Finnish authors and to bring foreign authors in Finland. NVL participates also in cultural politics in Finland, being non-aligned to any political party.

At least 20 000 people participate in NVL’s activities every year. We also have poetry website electricverses.net including introductions and translations from about 30 poets.

Creative writing

-internet-based writing courses for youngsters aged between 9 and 17
-writing groups for youngsters (13-19 years and 18-25 years)
-intensive, thematic writing courses for adults
-writing competitions
-feedback for texts – professional writers helping non-published writers

Nuori Voima -literary magazine

-founded in 1908
-5 issues per year plus 2 supplements of critics
-over 150 writers per year
-literature, philosophical essays, articles, critics, translations etc

Literary events

-poetry readings about once a month
-prose readings about once a month
-biggest happening: Poetry Moon festival in late August
about 30 single events gather together 100-150 poets and more than 10 000 visitors

For more information:

Laura Serkosalo
Executive director
tel. +358 44 207 4650

Nuoren Voiman Liitto
Fredrikinkatu 23 D 4
00120 Helsinki